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Welcome to Cleal’s Wheels!

Please complete the form below to confirm you have read and understand our Play Waiver before letting your child use any Cleal’s Wheels equipment.


Whilst on the site make sure to check out our weekly Stay and Play, equipment available to hire and cycle coaching!

Cleal’s Wheels Play Waiver

All persons entering the area and using our equipment do so at their own risk.


Cleal's Wheels, the staff and venue have taken every action possible to ensure a safe activity area and therefore take no responsibility for injuries or damages caused.


All persons are responsible for their own safety as well as the safety and actions of those under their care whilst using the area and are responsible for their own belongings.


All children just be supervised by an accompanying adult at all times. 


Our bouncy castle has a maximum usage of of 6 children at all times, Please wait your turn.


Our inflatable slide has a maximum usage of 3 children at al times. Users must not block or stop on the inflatable. Please climb the steps once the person in front of you is at the top, and form a queue at busy times.

Please complete all details on this form before entering


Thanks for completing our Waiver!Check your emails for a confirmation, this needs to be presented to a member of the Cleal’s Wheels team.

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